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Important note before you submit: We wanted to be sure that you understand some things about insurance as it relates to your care.  Dr. Oliver-Pyatt is not a contracted provider with insurance companies, at this time.  The reasons for this are extensive, but suffice to say that after 20 years in the field, it is important to her that a care be independently determined, based on each person’s unique needs.  Additionally, the time that it takes to go through the reimbursement process, and the minimal allowances often imposed upon by insurance, precludes her from providing the type of clinical care that is integral to her approach and philosophy, which includes care being integrated, holistic, and thorough.  Dr. Oliver-Pyatt’s staff will be able to provide you with the paperwork that may (or may not) result in reimbursement.  This does not guarantee reimbursement. In some occasional instances, insurance companies do have workable out of network benefits, that may warrant an opportunity for Dr. Oliver-Pyatt to bill directly. It is important that you speak to your provider and understand those terms, as it may result in an gap between what is billed for and owed,  and what is covered.  If an out of network arrangement is possible, please let us know the circumstances, and we can explore this together.

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