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Hi, I’m Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, a psychiatrist in Miami, FL.

For over 20 years I’ve been a clinician, educator, and health care advocate. I’ve held faculty positions at New York University, Albert Einstein School of Medicine and University of Nevada School of Medicine. I’ve developed innovative treatment programs known for integrating compassion with science. For the patients who come under my care, my treatment involves addressing the core issues that drive these conditions, so that true healing can occur. 

I believe the symptoms present in mental health conditions and many medical conditions offer an opportunity to reveal underlying factors and mediators,  that may have been undiscovered, and pathway toward uncovering a more authentic presentation of yourself,  (in line with your values, your essence and the healthiest version of yourself), and ultimately a life that feels more full, healthful and authentic.

Helping a patient find that pathway requires a comprehensive understanding of the whole person. Therefore, I use a bio-psycho-spiritual treatment model founded on the principles of integrative medicine. 

Too often, clinicians use a medical model that focuses almost exclusively on altering a patient’s behavior or presenting symptoms without understanding and addressing what is driving it. Oftentimes this medical model is based on a narrow view of health and a narrow view of variables that contribute to difficulties with health and wellness. 

As a psychiatrist, I believe my role is not simply to make a symptom go away, but to help patients build lives that are as meaningful and filled with health as possible. Further, it is vital to treat the whole person and understand how the bio-psycho-social factors work together to bring the patient right to where they are.  

The core values that guide my work as a physician are the pursuit of in-depth knowledge, understanding the whole picture, and compassion. 

As a psychiatrist caring for the most complex patients, a mother caring for her children, and as a sister, friend, and wife, I have searched for the most healing path for anyone I care for. 

Throughout my journey, I have never forgotten the wise words of my grandfather, Isaac, who perished in the Holocaust. He once told my father that the most important thing in life is compassion.

I know that compassion, when directed toward self and others, leads to profound health and healing. I am talking about compassion of the largest scale and greatest magnitude—compassion founded on incredible curiosity, interest, attunement, knowledge and grace.

Compassion is not about turning the other cheek, nor is it about rising above the other. Compassion is about connection, depth, and deep understanding.

Living with compassion as the cornerstone of every interaction is how we add grace to the universe.

Knowledge and understanding involve looking beyond a symptom and recognizing the mainly potential root causes of what we see in front of us.   It is one thing to make a symptom temporarily “go away” through medication and other methods.  My goal in my work with you is to address any underlying factors, whether they be psychological, genetic or medical in basis, and to do our best to address these issues with the many domains of treatment available, so that healing takes place. 

This may involve medication, supplements, addressing nutritional deficiencies, removing toxicities, and/or addressing hormonal imbalances, in addition to many variables that have to do with your interpersonal relationships, your stress level, your daily routine, your emotional responses to variables in life, your patterns of behavior, and your cognitions & way of seeing the world, and ultimately your biological and psychological  adaptation to our complex and varied life circumstances.  

When care rooted in a deep understanding and knowledge, and meantingful and curative pathways are forged, healing unfolds. Our time in this world, while not pain free, is transformed into something powerful…for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the world we share.

This is my wish for you.

Wendy Oliver-Pyatt

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