About Our Services

We offer a comprehensive, coordinated team-based approach to health care as well as individual consultation and assessment.

Our focus is on determining the level of care you need and putting together the best possible treatment team for you.

We have practiced psychiatry in just about every setting, from inpatient, to emergency, to residential, to general outpatient. Throughout my varied experience in this field, one fact about healing from psychiatric issues has become clear to me:

People with any form of health conditions, including mental health conditions and other “medical” conditions, get the best outcomes from treatment plans that consider the whole person—addressing the many variables that can contribute to, or detract from, optimal health and well-being.

Therefore, we provide integrative medicine services based on the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of healing.

Having cultivated relationships with outstanding care providers across the country, we are here to lead you in the development of a treatment team that meets your unique needs.

Thanks to telehealth and online consulting, your access to top experts is no longer limited by your geographic location. We will build your treatment team based solely on who will best facilitate your healing, with a carefully chosen care manager, who will oversee and coordinate your care, along with providing support for you so that we can help you implement any modalities of treatment that we believe will be helpful and effective to your healing. 

The members of your optimal treatment team may include:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Functional Medicine Specialist (to address underlying nutritional or hormonal issues and/or unexposed toxicities that may exacerbate your condition)
  • Nutritionist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Family Therapist
  • Health Coach (to help you navigate and manage practical, day-to-day activities)
  • Medical Provider

How it Works

We offer a three-step approach:

  1. 1. Assessment/Consultation
  2. 2. Personalized Integrative Plan of Care
  3. 3. Your healing begins

Note: You can sign up for just the individual assessment with me or join our wellness program and have us put together your whole personalized integrative plan of care.

Here’s a little more about each step:

1. Assessment/Consultation

A comprehensive assessment takes place over two full sessions in which we review your background and evaluate the bio-psycho-social factors that impact your health and mind-body wellness. Laboratory and other studies may be ordered and reviewed, along with other assessments as indicated.  Additional factors that we consider are your activities of daily living, social and vocational activities, relationship with movement and exercise, your childhood history, and family history. Any history of triggering events, or changes in health and wellness status will be explored.  A thorough evaluation is the cornerstone of effective functional medicine and integrative medicine and a compressive treatment plan.

2. Personalized Integrative Plan of Care

Based upon your assessment, your Care Team is developed, which may include psychotherapy, medication management, (which may include the use of psychiatric medications and/or functional mention interventions), nutritional therapy, movement/exercise, and/or health care case management. Your Care Team will developed with a goal of optimizing your health and wellness, based on where you are now and what you need now, and will consist of a combination of your individual sessions with the providers selected for you. You will also be given therapeutic opportunities (which are your individualized “homework assignments”).* You will meet together with the many members of your treatment team at regular intervals to assure that you are progressing and to guide your care.

3. Your Healing Begins

Whether you would like just an assessment, or an assessment followed by the initiation of treatment, so that you can immediately start on you plan for wellness, we are here for you! If you decide upon just utilizing the services of an assessment, we will spend a follow up session with you reviewing our recommendations, and explaining what we feel would be in your best interest in terms of modalities of treatment, levels of care to consider, and other follow up options. If you instead choose to come under our care as a patient/client, we will be delighted to initiate our Care Team and program and quickly set up your meetings with other Care Team members and initiate your weekly sessions. We hope that you will contact us today so that we can get you started on your path toward health and wellness of mind and body!

Why Work With Wendy?

Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt completed her training as a psychiatrist at NYU-Bellevue Hospital where she served as a Chief Resident.  Over the years, her training and experiences involve direct patient care, and leadership across multiple levels of care and treatment modalities, including inpatient psychiatry, residential addiction programs (where she served as a medical director), forming PACT PROGRAMS (Programs for Assertive Community Treatment), emergency room osychiatry, public outpatient care and private outpatient care. In 2001 she became the State of Nevada, Division of Mental Health and Disability Services Medical Director, where she oversaw  all aspects of mental health treatment in the state of Nevada, for which she received Senatorial Recognition. She was the first woman and youngest person to ever assume this role.   In 2003 Dr. Oliver-Pyatt founded her first Residential Eating Disorder Treatment program; Center for Hope of the Sierras This program expanded to add in Partial Hospitalization Care and Transitional Living.  Later, in 2008, Dr. Oliver-Pyatt went on to found Oliver-Pyatt Centers, and Clementine, both are nationally and internationally recognized as top programs in the field of eating disorders.

Among the distinguishing features of Dr. Oliver-Pyatt’s treatment approach:

Being Available:

You will notice a high level of responsivity. You will not be frustrated by wasted time trying to communicate with providers, get help in a crisis, schedule follow up and adjust treatment as needed for your benefit.   Dr. Oliver-Pyatt truly cares about you and your experience, and wants you to feel connected, heard, and valued.

Passion for her work and compassion for your experiences:

You will be treated with the upmost of compassion, respect and dignity. Dr. Oliver-Pyatt and her team feel honored to engage with patients in the deep and meaningful work of self-exploration, self-awareness and growth. Dr. Oliver-Pyatt and her team take responsibility for each person they are working with, and will be there for you as you work on your healing process, helping you to to manage stress and change and complicated life events, and to enhance your overall well-being and internal peace.

Deep level of knowledge and experience:

Dr. Oliver-Pyatt trained at NYU-Bellevue hospital, where she experienced an in depth treatment psychodynamic an pharmacologic training and worked in a vast array of treatment settings.  Following her residency she went on to become an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at University of Nevada and Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center.  She has in depth knowledge and experience of complex psychopharmacology, while also having extensive success at guiding patients through complex psychological and behavioral struggles.  Her attuned approach, intuitive foundation, understanding of psychodynamics, and ability to develop meaningful treatment interventions and protocols is grounded in 20 + years of experience, extensive training, and working with dynamic teams to help patients with the most complex forms of mental health struggles.

Thought Leader:

Dr. Oliver-Pyatt is a well-known clinician in the field of eating disorders.  She has served on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, was the Chairman of the Binge Eating Disorder Association (which has now merged with the National Eating Disorder Association), and has presented at national and international conferences for over 20 years.  Dr. Oliver-Pyatt is a Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders, a Fellow of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, and is a Certified Eating Disorder Supervisor.  With regard to her eating disorder treatment, she is able to work with you across multiple domains ranging from individual therapy, psychiatric/medication management, nutrition therapy and family therapy & psychoeducation.  Her ability to provide care for all forms of mental health conditions across multiple domains allows your care to be far more cohesive and less scattered.  Dr. Oliver-Pyatt will collaborate with you in the development of a comprehensive treatment protocol to assure that all of your needs are met, across the biological, psychological, social/spiritual domains.  She match you with other critical providers who she has relationships with and trusts, when indicated, (including life coaches if indicated),  and will coordinate your treatment, so that your care will be comprehensive, cohesive and holistic.  Dr. Oliver-Pyatt and her team will work tirelessly on your behalf to assure that you are provided with the care and responsiveness that can help you move in the direction of healing, self-empowerment, and creating meaning, and deepening connections in your life.

Your Choice

You can either just have the individual consultation, or become a member of our care team, and have the consultation fee applied toward your membership, which includes our building and coordinating your personalized integrative treatment team.

We are here for you.

Contact us, and let’s get you started on your path toward health and wellness of mind and body.

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